Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I haven't been camwhoring in the changing room for a long time. I think I was trying to quite the shopping addiction. Unfortunately, some work landed me in the malls again, and while waiting for my friend to show up, I went...SHOPPING!! Haha, what else right?

So this was taken in WareHouse. The white chiffon dress with embroidered beading cost $185. Sweet.

This Grecian-inspired dress looked great on the mannequin. It was what attracted me into the shop. But the slinky fabric that reflected light and all the gathers added pounds to my torso. Grrr....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Straight Hair

Had a photoshoot where my hair was styled straight. Ever since I got my extensions, they have always been curly..so here's my memento of the long straight locks.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Broken Mirror

My old faithful mirror broke one fateful friday when a little gal in my house knocked against it. She was safe and sound, shocked and in tears, but not hurt. But alas, my poor mirror is gone forever. :(

So...what do you do with a shattered mirror? Well, conduct a photography experiment of course. I thought the breakage lines are quite artistic so I played around with angles.

Here's a Karen Millen dress I just bought. The oversized flower corsage is really attractive. The only thing is that you can't let down your hair, literally. It gets in the way of the flower and the only way to work the look is to wear the hair up, or at least halfway up like me.

And lastly, 2 pics of Tiger and myself in my new dress. If I have a weakness, it certainly is this lovely dog. Incidentally, he smells like kaya bun or waffles to me. I don't know how many people agree, but his scent is so delicious. 

Every time I bury my face in his fur and take in a deep breath, it makes me feel so satisfied and happy. If you have a dog, try it. It's pet therapy. Almost as good as a massage, and better than chocolates!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Her World and Simply Her July 2010

Here's me making an appearance on Simply Her July. Janice styled me in something I would shy from. It's supposed to be the latest trend, all these big floral prints, but to me it screamed "school teacher!" from a hundred yards away. 
The other thing is that the blouse from Banana Republic simply didn't fit although it was already size 0. They had to tape me from behind to cinch in the waist. 

Unfortunately the blouse somewhat reminded me of my JC uniform. Nothing fashionable about that.

Even though the style doesn't quite suit me, at least I know what wouldn't work in the future. Plus, I think a magazine appearance is a fun novelty for me.

Up next....LOREAL ad in Her World July 2010

That's me endorsing the True Match 2-Way Foundation. I must say I like the eyelash serum. Finally...a product to take care of those poor, abused, coiffed, teased, coated, tugged-at lashes.

 I look quite different from my usual self in these photos cos no fake lashes :(

Apparently the focus is on my 'flawless skin' so the look is clean and plain. Need to thank the DI (Digital Imaging) people for the glowing skin they gave me. Last picture posted here was the draft they sent me. I think I looked better on print! Yay!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fitting Room Escapades

I wonder how many people enjoy doing this...but I rather enjoy trying out clothes, then vacillating between acting on my impulse to buy it or to walk away.

Here's me at Karen Millen. Trying out a green satin cocktail dress priced about $500. Haha I look like I just screamed "Lumos!" ala Harry Potter and his wand. Had a hard time walking away from this dress and its wonderful low back cut. Still hankering after it.

The next one is priced about $600 I think and totally goes with my red suede Foxtrot shoes. It's really stylish I must admit, but looked too heavy on my frame. 

Then it's off to adjoining Warehouse boutique at Ion. Here I tried on this black sassy short dress ($176) embellished with studs and sequins. I liked the swingy skirt that was longer at the back. Too bad they didn't have my size. Will be great on the dance floor during a spin.

Here's another that's not me at all..a tasseled red/black dress. I didn't like the floral applique they used as a racer back. Would look hilarious on the dance floor during a spin!! Imagine all those red threads flying about! haha!

Zipped off to Miss Sixty next, one of my favourite brands. Look at that fitting room! So retro!

Dress going for $500 and cardigan $250 I think. The loud prints screams for attention and the material is rather comfy. Now, if only there was a sale...

Must clarify that my rather awkward pose is due to the small size of the fitting room and not my usual custom LOL!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Cocktail dresses

Went to Paragon, Orchard Road yesterday and saw this gorgeous chandelier at Adeva Spa. I love the modern twist (pun intended) and the randomness of the bulbs placement.

Anyway, here are the gorgeous dresses I tried on at Coast boutique. I went on a rampage among the lovely clothes. So totally me!! Not in much makeup, so will keep pics small...haha.

I like the stark contrast between the white delicate pleats and the black ribbons. It's a bit prissy though, like very prim and proper.

Hmm, this chiffon dress had interesting details at the hem, but definitely had a dull colour. The A-line cut ending below the knees was not flattering.

I quite fancy this one, especially the fabulous gold colour of the silk-satin. The little black rose adds some interest to the gentle ruching at the bosom. I've been told that ruching going in criss-cross directions like this has a slimming effect. Dainty dress perfect for weddings!

This dress is a tad frumpy. All the double layers and seams lent an odd silhouette to my torso. Sorry, this dress does nothing for me.

I liked the bright lime green colour of this dress. The photo doesn't do it justice. If you saw the colour, you'd go wow! The dress has a slight asymmetry with a simple well-fitted bustier. It is made of silk so it kinda swings when you move. But I have a similar white Zara dress already, so will give this a miss.

And my favourite..."bird song" they call it. Love the puff hem. So sweet and cute. There's a row of pretty buttons going straight down the spine too. The material has small little spots on it. The only trouble I think, is my height. It's supposed to end at the knees but it went way past. I wonder if I can shorten it. Would love to own this.

The dresses retail at about between SGD 339 to 399. There's an ongoing 10% sale right now.

Over to BCBG Max Azria, my favourite label. This black dress is from the runway collection 2010, made in limited quantities. For SGD600 plus, nah! Never mind all the tiny details on the outer chiffon silk. I mean, I can't see $600 worth of work.

Finally...SOMEONE BUY ME THIS DRESS in size 0! It is figure-hugging and extremely flattering. I looked slimmer instantly. The criss-cross stripes are made of bandage material similar to what Herve Ledger uses. Unfortunately, it costs $769 if I'm not wrong and I'm not about to splurge this amount on a cocktail dress.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gowns from La Vie

Went to La Vie Bridal at 18 Everton Road to try on their beautiful gowns. Lewis the designer was really really nice, allowing me to try on so many pieces. They have a unique aesthetic that was subtle, surreal and elegant. Known for their bold use of colours, their evening gowns really stood out from the rest of their competitors.

I liked the last fuschia outfit best. It had an oriental touch with the mandarin collar, and the use of lace is reminiscent of the kebaya. It is even convertible in the sense that the dress and be worn as a bustier, without the collar. Plus, the train is at least 2 metres long!

The ivory/green outfit is a tad confused though. The embroidery on the corset channeled Indian glam, but the netting made me look like a pixie from Neverland. The headpiece looks like it came from Victorian times. I must say their workmanship is really tiptop though. The corset fitted like a glove, and they sewed in the padding, unlike most bridal shops.

Great place to get a gown from, but unfortunately, they didn't have what I was looking for.