Monday, July 26, 2010

Broken Mirror

My old faithful mirror broke one fateful friday when a little gal in my house knocked against it. She was safe and sound, shocked and in tears, but not hurt. But alas, my poor mirror is gone forever. :(

So...what do you do with a shattered mirror? Well, conduct a photography experiment of course. I thought the breakage lines are quite artistic so I played around with angles.

Here's a Karen Millen dress I just bought. The oversized flower corsage is really attractive. The only thing is that you can't let down your hair, literally. It gets in the way of the flower and the only way to work the look is to wear the hair up, or at least halfway up like me.

And lastly, 2 pics of Tiger and myself in my new dress. If I have a weakness, it certainly is this lovely dog. Incidentally, he smells like kaya bun or waffles to me. I don't know how many people agree, but his scent is so delicious. 

Every time I bury my face in his fur and take in a deep breath, it makes me feel so satisfied and happy. If you have a dog, try it. It's pet therapy. Almost as good as a massage, and better than chocolates!

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