Sunday, July 18, 2010

Her World and Simply Her July 2010

Here's me making an appearance on Simply Her July. Janice styled me in something I would shy from. It's supposed to be the latest trend, all these big floral prints, but to me it screamed "school teacher!" from a hundred yards away. 
The other thing is that the blouse from Banana Republic simply didn't fit although it was already size 0. They had to tape me from behind to cinch in the waist. 

Unfortunately the blouse somewhat reminded me of my JC uniform. Nothing fashionable about that.

Even though the style doesn't quite suit me, at least I know what wouldn't work in the future. Plus, I think a magazine appearance is a fun novelty for me.

Up next....LOREAL ad in Her World July 2010

That's me endorsing the True Match 2-Way Foundation. I must say I like the eyelash serum. Finally...a product to take care of those poor, abused, coiffed, teased, coated, tugged-at lashes.

 I look quite different from my usual self in these photos cos no fake lashes :(

Apparently the focus is on my 'flawless skin' so the look is clean and plain. Need to thank the DI (Digital Imaging) people for the glowing skin they gave me. Last picture posted here was the draft they sent me. I think I looked better on print! Yay!

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