Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Fitting Room Escapades

I wonder how many people enjoy doing this...but I rather enjoy trying out clothes, then vacillating between acting on my impulse to buy it or to walk away.

Here's me at Karen Millen. Trying out a green satin cocktail dress priced about $500. Haha I look like I just screamed "Lumos!" ala Harry Potter and his wand. Had a hard time walking away from this dress and its wonderful low back cut. Still hankering after it.

The next one is priced about $600 I think and totally goes with my red suede Foxtrot shoes. It's really stylish I must admit, but looked too heavy on my frame. 

Then it's off to adjoining Warehouse boutique at Ion. Here I tried on this black sassy short dress ($176) embellished with studs and sequins. I liked the swingy skirt that was longer at the back. Too bad they didn't have my size. Will be great on the dance floor during a spin.

Here's another that's not me at all..a tasseled red/black dress. I didn't like the floral applique they used as a racer back. Would look hilarious on the dance floor during a spin!! Imagine all those red threads flying about! haha!

Zipped off to Miss Sixty next, one of my favourite brands. Look at that fitting room! So retro!

Dress going for $500 and cardigan $250 I think. The loud prints screams for attention and the material is rather comfy. Now, if only there was a sale...

Must clarify that my rather awkward pose is due to the small size of the fitting room and not my usual custom LOL!!

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