Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hong Kong Film Awards

The film awards on Sunday 19th April saw some celebs dressed to the nines. Picked out a few of my personal favourites who got their threads right...
Whoever would have known that Sandra Ng, the slapstick comedian, would be able to look so glam in her lace dress. I love the way she wore the shoulder dusters with her slick short hair.

This is Tang Wei of Lust Caution fame. Her red ruffled toga dress is very fetching plus with the diamente clutch it's just perfect!

Monica Mok in a nude (very in colour) chiffon dress that remotely resembles a nightie. Only trouble is the cleavage looks slightly suffocated and the outline of her boyshorts underneath the skirt.

The babelicious Lin Chiling from Red Cliff in her beautiful, pleated gown. She does look like she's too thin for her dress cos it looks like it's falling off!

Hong Kong actor Liu Kai Chi won a Best Supporting Actor for his role in Beast Stalker..reliable actor who's been in countless movies. Glad he got another award for all the hard work.

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