Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Retail Therapy

I realize I haven't been writing on this blog since April, but I have been indulging in quite a bit of retail therapy and it's confession time. Besides the things that I need for my existence, I have been letting my wallet loose for some pent-up (ahem) procurement. Let's see...impulse buys I got this month:

1. Black Horsehair Leather Bag. I lurve this bag to death! It has a lock and keys to it, a name card holder, and small attached pouch inside and an extra strap. Okay I know the lock and keys are really just gimmicks, but I dig them for the frivolity. I'm so inspired to design some bags like this. Already came up with my leopard print horsehair pouch sample. Can't wait for the goods to arrive...

2. Purple Woven Nubuck Bag. This one I haven't got around to using yet. Wait for your turn, nubuck!

3. Bobbi Brown Eye Shimmer. I rationalize this buy as timely for the holiday season. In fact, I might just buy the purple colour too. Comes as no surprise that purple is one of my fav colours.

4. 2 white blouses from Southhaven in linen and cotton. Will photograph when i wear them. The salesgirl advises me to wear a beige bra underneath as the blouses are slightly translucent. Hmmm...hope it won't show too much.

5. A black/white skirt and a see-thru blouse from Island Shop (below). A lot of work went into the embroidery at the hem. I haven't figured out when to wear this, or what to pair it with yet, seeing that it's all translucent. It'll come.

6. OxyMask that bubbles up when applied. I love the feeling as it fizzles on my face and my skin feels so smooth and fresh afterwards. Worth every dollar of the $98 it cost.

7. A earrings organizer that I intend to spray-paint white. Rustic copper is sooo not me!

8. Coloured daily lenses from Freshlook. Okay, pure vanity here. Somehow this is the only type of coloured lenses that doesn't make me wanna rub my eyeballs out. The rest get my eyes so dry I start tearing after a few hours. Once, having got stuck at a recording studio doing some editing work, I was so desperate I removed my purple (haha, you caught me again) lenses,  and went home severely myopic.

9. Another quirky jacket from GG5. This one hasn't found its way into my wardrobe yet. But I'm lusting after this polka-dotted jacket with the pointed shoulders that's so 'in' this season. Will exercise some self-control and wait a couple of weeks for a glimmer of the "SALE" word. Actually there's another chiffon pleated short skirt that I've got my eye on from GG5 again. Somebody restrain me!

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