Friday, April 3, 2009

Cotton On

Wanted the baby pink with black polka dots one but no size...sigh, navy will do.
Love the red gingham undies with the white trim and side bows 
And here's Tiger endorsing the purchase of this cute hot pink pair from Cotton On Body. It only cost me $5 with purchase of any item. When you put your feet onto these furry shoes, it feels like my feet died and went to heaven. Feel the velvety fabric enveloping your skin.

If you wanna grab a pair, they're available in several colours too. Click this to check out their locations internationally. They stock cute undies, bras and other lounge wear at pocket-friendly prices. Love the fun and bright prints they offer..

The main shop Cotton On sells clothes, belts and accessories at budget prices like 2 sweaters/tanks for S$19.90. It's usually poorly lit (maybe to save on electricity) and rather dusty (to save on manpower?) sometimes, but who can complain at prices like this. If you are in the mood to treasure-hunt, you might actually find some cool pieces

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