Friday, December 4, 2009


Just came across this store at Bugis Junction level 2 while exercising. Exercising? credit card!! I reckon all the walking I do passes off as exercise too...after all, it gets my heart rate up when I discover good buys!

Anyway, I was wondering about the name of this store and it turned out that the owner had a granddad she respected who was a tailor, and was inspired by him. It felt like kinda a queer name to me, but I loved their merchandise. They have quirky stuff like a pen disguised as toothpaste, or one-off nerdy plastic glasses, knick knacks that takes time to figure out, and even a vintage telephone on the counter for customers (that means me!) to use.

The store looks even cuter now, with a green strip of 'grass' at the little black house'. Their clothes are mostly interesting with a relaxed, cool vibe. Some come in one piece only, and are rather individualistic. Some earrings are really uber cute. Check out the store for yourself!

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